The Ethics of State Monopolization of Force

By Nicolai Due-Gundersen

The self-interest of states and their leaders are often advocated as strict codes of conduct that must not be sacrificed for the sake of moral ideals. More »

Jamaica's Economy

By Pete Dolack

A small country immiserates itself under orders of international lenders; unemployment and poverty rise, the debt burden increases. More »

The Rwanda Genocide

By Andrew Wallis

Westminster Magistrates court is a world away from Rwanda or the horrors of its genocide which began twenty years ago this week. More »

Africa and the International Criminal Court

By Joseph Kaifala February 17, 2016

Africa should stay with the ICC and reform it so that it works for the continent. Currently, the African Union does not convince anyone of its capacity to prosecute crimes. More »

Kazakhstan - Building a Fair and Impartial Judicial System

By Talgat Donakov May 27, 2019

For a judiciary to function successfully and effectively, judges must be free from outside influence, patronage, and politics. More »