The Christchurch Terrorist Attack,
The Far-Right and Social Media: What can we Learn?
An analysis by Dr. David Lowe Read the article

South Africa: Chaskalson's Rule of Law under Threat

By Frank Richardson

Arthur ChaskalsonThe weakening of the judiciary is compounded by the growing perception by South Africans, confirmed by various surveys, that corruption is endemic in their police force and prosecution service. A number of high-ranking officials have been accused and/or found guilty of maladministration, fraud and corruption, thus undermining public trust in the criminal justice system as a whole. More »

Double Injustice

Women in Pakistan

Muslim Women

It is somewhat ironical that progress in not prosecuting women that have been raped is being lauded, rather than the prosecution of the perpetrators. Read »


Rwanda Genocide

Rwanda Genocide

Westminster Magistrates court is a world away from Rwanda or the horrors of its genocide which began 20 years ago this week. More »

Africa and the International Criminal Court
By Joseph Kaifala February 17, 2016
Africa should stay with the ICC and reform it so that it works for the continent. Currently, the African Union does not convince anyone of its capacity to prosecute crimes. More »
Kazakhstan - Building a Fair and Impartial Judicial System
By Talgat Donakov May 27, 2019
For a judiciary to function successfully and effectively, judges must be free from outside influence, patronage, and politics. More »

Barrel Bombs

By Kenneth Roth
Beyond killing civilians, barrel bombs are improvised weapons, that are playing a big part in forcing Syrians from their country. Read »

The Greek Philiopher Plato

By Mey Elghusein
PlatoPlato's ideas about morals, education, philosophy and religion are lofty, noble and elating, and can surely lead to a happy and fair society. Read »

Worker's Rights in Algeria

By Human Rights Watch
workers rights in AlgeriaThe government punishes peaceful protesters and strikers with retaliatory suspensions or dismissals from public service jobs. Read »

UNICEF UK Climate Report

By Jon Snow
Jon SnowA staggering three-quarters of young people in the UK aged 11-16 are concerned about how climate change will impact their lives. Read »